A Long and distinguished history

Makad’s development services run the full gamut from site selection to assistance in financing and capitalization. Development activities are focused on building a strong global team, customized for each unique development strategy. Makad maintains a network of contacts within the array of service providers typically needed to develop major international class projects.

Makad's emphasis is on building the strongest team possible to bring the total development together and ensure all the moving pieces arrive at the proper time. We apply teams of experienced professionals in the allied fields of development. Makad Global is thus able to react quickly to the needs of its partners on a worldwide basis.

Makad Corp. develops diverse projects including Power, Energy Conservation, Alternative Energy, Fertilizer Plants, Tourism Resorts and High Rise Buildings. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and a pool of resources to provide the best services to our partner in every phase of our Project Development.

Makad Global brings its experience and artistry to the development of significant international class projects.